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Knitting for GOLD!


So who saw Tom Daley knitting his way to Gold this Olympics?! He very proudly finished his Olympics jumper - what a treat it is - and it has now being raffled off for charity. Not only a nifty knitter but a very nice man too :)

You can check out all his knits at madewithlovebytomdaley


So maybe you fancy having a go at some knitting? If you're feeling a little unsure you could start off super simple with an all in one knitting kit. Most haberdashers and craft shops have kits of some kind, or websites like Stitch & Story and Wool & the Gang have a great range of kits at all levels, and also have stockists in the UK.


Kits and good quality wool can be expensive though. So maybe you fancy a cheaper option - and a more sustainable one? Charity shops (and also Ebay/ freecycle etc.) almost always have yarn and needles, and often a pile of patterns or old knitting books. Look for easy patterns or books on how to knit with the basic stitches, and make something simple like a scarf to start. Visual diagrams can be quite confusing so getting someone to physically show you some knit stitches really helps - or good old Youtube is a life saver too for knitting - there are whole channels on how to knit, and you can follow along at your own pace. 

My top tips for starting off knitting - 

  • Bigger needles and chunky/ DK (double knit) wool are the easiest to learn with.
  • If you're buying vintage knitting patterns, take note that most patterns pre 1960s use fine wool = harder to knit and takes an AGE (well for a slow knitter like me!) - better for more experienced/ quick/ patient knitters! 
  • If you're buying new there are an ever growing range of recycled and eco friendly yarns on the market now. I even bought some recycled yarn in Aldi the other week! 
  • Or to be super sustainable and quirky you can use odd balls of wool or even scraps to make 'magic balls'...  tie all the ends together to make a rainbow ball and then knit to reveal those rainbow colours! MAGIC!



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