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   *Image Credit - Ra Dragon @Unsplash

COPPER has been an essential material since pre-historic times ... From the ancient Egyptian and Roman civilizations, to modern day technologies, it is ingrained in society for its wealth of uses, its beauty, and its benefits to human life. 

We may use copper for its soft sheen and warm pinky tones here at LLL, but it is an excellent choice in terms of its eco credentials. It is 100% recyclable without losing any of its powerful properties, and is becoming an essential material in the worlds of sustainable design, modern science, and green engineering. 

Did you know that it has antibacterial properties and can help prevent infections at a dramatic rate? And it has amazing energy efficiency ratings making it a prized material in the growth of renewable energies and eco-engineering.

If you fancy taking a trip into the world of copper as a modern material and its astounding uses, click here 

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