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 *Image Credit - Mel Poole @Unsplash

Material Stories...   All fabrics used here at LLL are sourced from reputable suppliers of sustainable goods, mainly here in the UK. They include Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified fibres such as organic cotton, tencel, wild silk and that LLL favourite - cork.

Tencel  -  .A soft silky matte fabric with the look of sandwashed silk

Tencel is an eco-fabric made from wood pulp that’s harvested from sustainably managed and traceable tree farms. It's production is more eco-friendly than cotton due to its’ closed-loop process. This means that up to 99% of the water and solvents used are recycled and reused.

Wild Tussah Silk - A papery, crisp  fabric with a soft pinky cream tone

Produced as part of a local government-sponsored project, benefiting the impoverished hill tribe people of the highlands in Southern India, this wild silk is cultivated using techniques consistent with Organic Cultivation Standards. It has been hand woven on small looms built into the cottages of traditional village weaver families. 100% natural, it means that no additives, bleaches or finishes have been used - better for people and planet.

For the silkworms, organic standards mean that they are left to feed on natural oak trees. When it comes to peace silk, the moth has been allowed to complete it's full transformation, emerging from the cocoon alive and able to continue with mating. Wild or "tussah" silk comes from the cocoons of worms that have been naturally collected, and where the wild moths may have emerged pushing the silk aside, the method of "muga" hand reeling allows all of the silk to be carefully harvested.  (Courtesy of www.offsetwarehouse.com)



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