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Our Ethos

LeatherLookLeg has a strong ethos of utilising as many sustainable materials and processes, in all aspects of the business: from how the raw materials are obtained, through to the final packaging up of goods and delivery. We aim to be part of the circular economy as fully as possible.

As a small new business there is the essential need to research all these aspects, and picking out those that fit the closest to the LLL ethos from the start, but as in life nothing is as black and white as FULLY sustainable or NOT sustainable. Each material we use and process we adopt could be placed on a sliding scale and we aim to be as close to the sustainable end as possible of this scale. For example cork is a highly sustainable material but it is shipped in from Portugal - a land of cork trees, adding a negative travel footprint to it. 

So here we aim to be as transparent as possible about all aspects of our production and processing methods, so that you can make as responsible a purchase as possible from us. All information on our materials and processes can be found here.

Already since designing the first ready-to-wear collection DECO STACK in 2019 I have become aware of areas that could be improved upon, on a sustainable angle... BUT I have a raft of research and new materials to test out in the coming months for both new ready-to-wear collections, and higher end couture ranges, that take LLL closer to its goals of sustainability and circular thinking in design.