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'Up in Regent Street young men wearing tight suits and nail varnish were sipping creme-de-menthe in the Cafe Royal, while down a dark cul-de-sac lurked a new and devilish sort of place where Futurists cavorted: a 'night club' profanely named 'The Cave of the Golden Calf'.  Philip Hoare -'Oscar Wilde's Last Stand'

'The Cave of the Golden Calf' was the Edwardian nightclub where the socialites of London rubbed shoulders with the artists and the advant-garde, with a shimmer on the dance floor. Exclusivity, affluence, headonism and a future aesthetic all melded together at this ever-so-fashionable spot.

THE CAVE OF THE GOLDEN CALF is a LLL collection of exclusive, couture items that embody the spirit of this aristocratic, visionary and joyful scene.