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The LeatherLookLeg Story



Image courtesy of London Hat Week

LeatherLookLeg was founded in 2019 by designer/ maker Sally Wright.

Sally has an extensive background in fashion, millinery and sculpture with degrees from two of the most prestigious art schools in the world.  She has worked on creations for high end fashion houses such as Dior and Chanel whilst working for the renowned milliner Stephen Jones, created bespoke accessory ranges for various global retailers, and has had an art career encompassing; art residencies, educational work, lectures, and numerous exhibitions, both nationally and internationally.

Sallys fascination with, and wide experience of, design, craft and sculpture, is the foundation of the LeatherLookLeg Studios’ creations. Exploring sculptural yet wearable forms and crafted with the precision and care expected of one that has made headwear for the couture catwalks of Paris.

Sally has also become increasingly interested in the growing awareness of sustainability and environmental impact on the products and objects we utilise every day. Her current area of research focuses very much on this, and she is meticulously exploring materials and design processes that can help minimise our footprint on this planet. All of this research and experimentation is ploughed into the ideas, materials and techniques employed in the LeatherLookLeg Studio, creating a range of products that holds sustainability, wearability and excellence at its core.

And on an aside - where does the name LeatherLookLeg come from? Well that's a story for another day...