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 *Image Credit - Mel Poole @Unsplash

Material Stories...   All fabrics used here at LLL are sourced from reputable suppliers of sustainable goods, mainly here in the UK. They include Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified fibres such as organic cotton, tencel, wild silk and that LLL favourite - cork.

Tencel  -  .A soft silky matte fabric with the look of sandwashed silk

Tencel is an eco-fabric made from wood pulp that’s harvested from sustainably managed and traceable tree farms. It's production is more eco-friendly than cotton due to its’ closed-loop process. This means that up to 99% of the water and solvents...


   *Image Credit - Douglas Bagg @Unsplash

SHELLAC - from dentistry to food, and manicures to woodwork, shellac is present in an endless amount of everyday products. But do you know where it comes from?

Shellac is a tree resin from the 'lac' trees of India and Thailand that is processed by the female lac bug. These bugs live around 6 months attached to the bark of the trees. They draw the resin out of the tree and as it passes through their body a chemical reaction takes place turning the tree...


   *Image Credit - Ra Dragon @Unsplash

BRASS OH BRASS - it's bold and brash, a musical community, a pocket full of cash...

Much of the debut collection here at LLL, utilises this golden toned metal ... and sometimes whilst listening to the odd brass band too ;) Hand textured and then laquered with tree resin (shellac) to retain its warm hue, or coated with toxic free metal paints to add colour to your jewels, it is a stalwart lightweight material that works on many levels.

Brass has the capacity to...


   *Image Credit - Ra Dragon @Unsplash

COPPER has been an essential material since pre-historic times ... From the ancient Egyptian and Roman civilizations, to modern day technologies, it is ingrained in society for its wealth of uses, its beauty, and its benefits to human life. 

We may use copper for its soft sheen and warm pinky tones here at LLL, but it is an excellent choice in terms of its eco credentials. It is 100% recyclable without losing any of its powerful properties, and is becoming an essential material in the...



 *Image Credit - Mathis Jrdl @Unsplash


CORK - natural, renewable, recyclable, waterproof and easily bio-degradable ...

yes everything is biodegradable (even...