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Knitting for GOLD!


So who saw Tom Daley knitting his way to Gold this Olympics?! He very proudly finished his Olympics jumper - what a treat it is - and it has now being raffled off for charity. Not only a nifty knitter but a very nice man too :)

You can check out all his knits at madewithlovebytomdaley


So maybe you fancy having a go at some knitting? If you're feeling a little unsure you could...

Joy in the Messiness of Creating

   *Image credit - Karen Maes @Unsplash

For those of you who know me, or have been taught by me, know how passionate I am about creativity as a subject.

I have always strongly believed it is an essential in life for all of us - for problem solving, for thinking out of the box, for gaining confidence and courage, and with the ever rising popularity and understanding about mindfulness, the act of creating is mindfulness in action. We don't need to have a burning desire to become a musical composer, master...