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   *Image Credit - Douglas Bagg @Unsplash

SHELLAC - from dentistry to food, and manicures to woodwork, shellac is present in an endless amount of everyday products. But do you know where it comes from?

Shellac is a tree resin from the 'lac' trees of India and Thailand that is processed by the female lac bug. These bugs live around 6 months attached to the bark of the trees. They draw the resin out of the tree and as it passes through their body a chemical reaction takes place turning the tree resin into shellac. The shellac grows around the bugs on the tree creating a crust under which the female lac bug lays her eggs before she dies. The eggs and shellac are harvested and the resin crusts are processed to become use-able in shellacs' many forms.

The decision to use shellac to protect the metal finishes of many LLL products was its natural, non-toxic and good bio-degradable properties. We are aware though that it is technically an animal product, and therefore not vegan friendly. We are currently experimenting with alternative finishes that are vegan friendly as an alternative, so keep an eye open for further updates.

For a real in-depth look at shellac production from the communities who tend the lac trees to the various stages of production click here.


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